Belgian philosopher Ann Meskens wrote a beautiful essay on our work:

There is always more than one view.

There is always more than the here and now.

Each place slowly layers time over time. Stories are embedded into a place, they pile themselves up, disappear beneath other stories or are made visible again. This is how the history of a place forms itself. The stories go back further than is immediately visible at first glance.

Each place also refers to other places, just like a map where the furthest away places are linked with a single pencil line. Look, there is ‘here’ the need to leave, and listen, there is ‘there’, the hope of arriving somewhere. These are the personal stories that span the world in one movement and establish a human distance.

Leaving, wanting to go away, being on the way, being delayed, not being able to return, arriving. By showing, collecting and telling, life stories are made visible and audible. Word, photo and film capture the fleeting present, and so later, as if of their own accord, they will also become memories of the old days, traces of the past.

In this way, as an artist you bring time and space together in a new way, you compose connections and distinctions, you make other time layers visible, you create new spaces. By doing so, you hope to end up in a new place where the stories can resonate again and at different levels of intensity.

Ultimately you hope for more than one view and then for more insight.

As an artist, that is essentially what you hope the viewer will see.